Purpose of Developing Emerging Leaders: An Organizational Approach

The Developing Emerging Leaders: An Organizational Approach is a strategic framework designed to:

  • Build the infrastructure that will allow the nonprofit sector to address leadership development in a structured and targeted manner.
  • Develop a common understanding of leadership development.
  • Establish a common language when discussing, strategizing and collaborating for leadership development.
  • Approach leadership development through an organizational lens and identify the organizational practices that effectively support the development of leaders. 


This framework focuses on the principles an organization must adopt and the practices they must integrate in order to successfully develop and retain leaders. Research shows that nonprofit organizations are not successful in planning for leadership transitions despite investments and leadership training and development.

This framework is intended to engage the sector in initiatives and activities that build the infrastructure of nonprofit organizations in Alberta to improve develop leaders. It is meant to inspire and stimulate collaborative partnerships and activities that support the development of leaders and the growth of learning centred organizations. It is a platform from which strategic initiatives and activities are developed and through which we actively improve succession, attraction and retention within the nonprofit sector.

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DEVELOPING EMERGING LEADERS: An Organizational Approach Strategic Framework


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