Philosophy & Beliefs

Developing Emerging Leaders: An Organizational Approach is tied to a philosophy and series of beliefs that guided the identification of the components of the framework.


  • Leaders are found throughout the organizations
  • Leadership can be developed, but not simply taught.
  • Leadership development can be enhanced by utilizing existing resources and supports.
  • Leadership is adaptive, contextual and transitional



  • Leadership exists at all levels of the organization.
  • Leadership is not limited by age, seniority, experience or involvement in the sector.
  • Leaders and leadership are developed more effectively in organizations with a learning culture.
  • Organizations with a learning culture are more likely to attract people with leadership potential.
  • Leadership can be developed in many ways.
  • The development of emerging leaders is an investment in a healthy workforce for organization and for the sector.


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DEVELOPING EMERGING LEADERS: An Organizational Approach Strategic Framework


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